Eric Martinez

Eric Martinez


My specialty is mathematics

Hi students and parents! I have been teaching and tutoring for 6 years and counting. I have worked in the public school AND charter school setting. I have experience with individual teaching, co-teaching, and virtual teaching. I have taught and tutored students in all three of these settings as well. I have plenty of experience.

I am a certified teacher. I graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor’s in Science in Elementary Education Kindergarten to 6th Grade. I have endorsements in Gifted and ESOL education from the department of education. I was in a lot of school clubs such as SGA and Multicultural Club. I was the secretary of the Multicultural Club in college. I was also in honors clubs such as Phi Theta Kappa and Delta Epsilon Iota. I am comfortable teaching and tutoring students from kindergarten to 8th grade. My specialty is mathematics.


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